Leather boots “Bang for your buck”?

So, you are all decked up for the weekend party with a nice, impressive outfit and a statement accessory complementing your entire look. However, you decimated an incredibly well-styled ensemble by pulling out knock off shoes from the wardrobe.


We have all been guilty of splurging on clothes and skimping out on luxurious footwear. While clothes create the majority of your look, shoes can make or break an outfit and sometimes an entire deal. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true time and time again.


While expensive boots make you feel a pinch in the wallet, they are worth every penny spent in the long run.


Most people in their 20s and 30s wear cheap, ill-fitted shoes for the sake of style and aesthetics, only to experience callouses, foot deformities and pain later in life.


In contrast to economy footwear, high-quality boots provide both style and comfort, enabling you to move around the world without worrying about your feet at all.


Girls, if you’re on the hunt for a pair of boots that let you get through the day and night, we recommend investing in a pair of Marula boots that are designed to bring comfort and style to your everyday looks. Guys, get over your FOMO because we have something amazing for you as well. Check out Harlestone, our flagship boot, created with the finest leather so you can go the extra mile with confidence.


Our boots mould to your feet, aiding a good posture and allowing you to walk comfortably, whilst providing extra protection to your feet from minor misfortunes during something as adventurous as trekking across the harsh African plains or something as simple as taking your dog to a park.


Supreme leather boots are more than capable of taking a beating and coming out unharmed, plus they age like fine wine providing a high benefit-to-buck ratio. With a little TLC, you would be able to wear your Harlestone boots for years to come.


It's better to buy one pair of luxurious and valuable leather boots than three to four knock-offs for the same price that will ditch you in the middle of the street while you are on a date. Oh, it's a nightmare!


Leather shoes, never go out of style. These classics are versatile and can be worn for generations for virtually any purpose under the sun. Whether it’s a date night or a corporate event, they always surpass the standard. So, add a rich pair of leather shoes to your wardrobe and feel confident and comfortable wherever you may be.


From an image point of view, shoes are an important detail. The shoes you pick give away your personality, attitude towards life and how you choose to be perceived by others. A pair of branded and well-maintained boots can be a game-changer for you.


Since you made it towards the end, we’d like to take this as an opportunity to introduce you to Van Velze & Smith, a brand founded by two visionaries that saw boots as a means to feel at home while you go about making memories and living life to the fullest.


Whether it's coming back to the smell of your favourite food or taking a bubble bath after a long day, each one of us is acquainted with that inexplicable feeling of comfort that we come running back to every day. Now picture that feeling staying with you throughout the day in the form of your boots. Well, that's pretty much what we aim to do at Van Velze & Smith. Our boots are not just super stylish, rugged and resilient but also feel ridiculously comforting on the feet.


"We make the boots; you make the memories."