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Royal Bath & West Show

In June, Graham, Matt, Catriona, and I headed down to Royal Bath and West for our first show of the year. We packed the vans and set off on the Wednesday, arriving in good spirits despite Matt’s detour through Bristol at rush hour – something we reminded him of all week. The coffee machine and fridge were plugged in to chill the champagne, ready for what would be an early start in the morning and the return of a VVS tour staple: champagne for breakfast. It turned out that we’d actually stolen our neighbours electrical hook up and had not in fact booked any for the week – a reminder to check the tick list for every show. Every day...

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Fast Fashion?

When you walk into a fast fashion retail store, you will notice, that each month they have tonnes of new pieces added to their collection. New products hit store shelves every couple of days. Though the processing time is a mere number of weeks, you never stop to wonder all the damage it might have done along the way.   Fashion production makes up 10% of the global carbon emissions and 85% of the textiles go into dumpsters, rivers and the ocean every year. As fast fashion becomes more accessible and affordable, who needs to wear the same piece of clothing again? Right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong.   If we were to become mindful of our contributions to this waste,...

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