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VVS Isolation inspiration guide Vol.3

Home Edition    If Lockdown has taught us anything, it's the importance of home. It's your safe space, the place where you lay your head down and a representation of your identity, maybe even your creative or practical outlet. It's a part of you. What makes a home? It certainly is much more than the concrete and much less the material possessions, but more about the sentimentality and the moments shared by good friends and family. Being inside someone's home is an insight into their life.  The VVS team have all been working from home during the pandemic and we've compiled a journal of how we've been taking advantage of spending more time at everyone's most treasured place...home. We'd love...

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VVS Isolation inspiration guide Vol. 1

     Coffee Shop Edition  Look - everything around the lockdown is not necessarily ideal and it can be difficult to stay self motivated when self isolating. This is however the perfect time to learn a different skill, catch up on your reading or to discover and develop a new hobby… other than running ;) We’ve compiled a guide of our latest lockdown activities to beat the boredom and hopefully, inspire you too.  Remember to stay home and stay safe. Best wishes, The VVS Team ----------------------------------------------------------- Brands that we back A few of our most loved brands Four Five CBD - to take the edge off or the many other beneficial uses for CBD. Check out their array of products....

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