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The Scottish Game Fair

At the beginning of July, the team headed up to Perth for our second year at the Scottish Game Fair – this was one show we knew we could not miss. Graham and Matt were already up there for a meeting, so Cat and I packed the vans and drove the 355 miles to Scone Palace. Luckily, we didn’t have Matt this time to take us on a detour through rush hour, so we made it in good time. Graham was already on thin ice for forgetting the pillows and then for arriving late because he and Matt were off playing golf. However, all was forgiven when he brought the energy in the form of cold beers, which was much...

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Royal Bath & West Show

In June, Graham, Matt, Catriona, and I headed down to Royal Bath and West for our first show of the year. We packed the vans and set off on the Wednesday, arriving in good spirits despite Matt’s detour through Bristol at rush hour – something we reminded him of all week. The coffee machine and fridge were plugged in to chill the champagne, ready for what would be an early start in the morning and the return of a VVS tour staple: champagne for breakfast. It turned out that we’d actually stolen our neighbours electrical hook up and had not in fact booked any for the week – a reminder to check the tick list for every show. Every day...

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Leather boots “Bang for your buck”?

So, you are all decked up for the weekend party with a nice, impressive outfit and a statement accessory complementing your entire look. However, you decimated an incredibly well-styled ensemble by pulling out knock off shoes from the wardrobe.   We have all been guilty of splurging on clothes and skimping out on luxurious footwear. While clothes create the majority of your look, shoes can make or break an outfit and sometimes an entire deal. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true time and time again.   While expensive boots make you feel a pinch in the wallet, they are worth every penny spent in the long run.   Most people in their 20s and 30s...

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