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Sterk freeshipping - Van Velze & Smith
Sterk freeshipping - Van Velze & Smith
Sterk freeshipping - Van Velze & Smith


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Sterk is the Afrikaans word for strong or powerful, but also the maiden name of the Van Velze matriarch. In keeping with the definition, Mrs van Velze is someone who gets right down to the point, secure in her decisions, and without a doubt lives up to the meaning of the family name.

To coin the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” this quintessential female round-toe Chelsea boot is no exception.

The Sterk is for the person who gets on with it.

Specialised stitching for prolonged shoe life, available in UK sizes to meet any owner’s needs and a sturdy leather outsole for maximum protection, The Sterk wouldn’t be complete without its superior comfort features which coincides with a mothers caring hand - a fitting salute to the family legend.

"No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of other" - Charles Dickens


The Van Velze & Smith story is one of careful evolution. Whilst development of our own brand is very important, the opportunity to help others is a challenge we relish.

Up until the age of 13, South African children play rugby barefoot. The poverty and suffering through parts of South Africa is no secret and means many children aren't able to continue playing rugby after the age of 13 as their parents cannot afford the necessary footwear.

Rugby's core values are all based around teamwork, comradery and access for all, as such we at Van Velze & Smith want to uphold these values.

This season, for every pair of boots sold, VVS pledges to donate a pair of rugby boots to a child with the same dream as 13 year old GJ dreaming of a career as a professional sportsman.